In Dream from Zhou Yan on Vimeo.

DREAM, Single Channel Video, 2016

1080p, Stereo Sound, 2'49'' loop

Dream is a single screen audiovisual installation built upon the cinematic concepts of
deception and conspiracy. It is a paranoid and voyeuristic attempt to activate the static
color bars of an off-air television screen and to peep through the slits. The color stripes
are like cloth draped across the screen and playfully covering and revealing the
speculative beyond. When they occasionally open up to the luminous signal source,
these uncanny movements disrupt the composition of the television set and question
the seer’s perception of reality.

Dream draws its inspiration from the post-apocalyptic film Videodrome, 1983, which
predicts a future world where human beings are controlled by VCR players and TV
screens. Ironically, this wild fiction is gradually being validated: TV screens, computer
screens, cell phone screens – thousands of screens like tentacles help us access and
communicate with the virtual world and yet surveil us by their perpetual omnipresence,
strangling us tight. We look at the screen and we believe what we see; we mechanically
type on the keyboard and we think we have control over the machine. And yet little do
we speculate what’s beyond the screen. Lurking on the other side of the screen there
exists an artificial void, within which a fleshy form of existence defies our satisfaction of