The 2 of us walkthrough from Zhou Yan on Vimeo.

The Two of Us

The 2 of Us is an interactive simulation artwork that navigates through the interlaced time and space to confront the moment of passing. Based on real life events, it is a seven-chapter story that talks about love and loss. Everything takes place between two buildings in their respective cities, Chicago and Beijing, over the course of one day. Oscillating between hallucinations and memories, this work is a result of one’s failed attempts to surpass the unbridgeable distance between life and death.


The 2 of us: scene2 teaser from Zhou Yan on Vimeo.

The 2 of us: scene2 teaser: ”home and a country should leave us no more?”

Diary entry 11/3/2017 These doors are like the distance between you and me. Distance is quantifiable, but what lies behind these doors is impossible to measure. It could be time, the Five-year time that elapsed since i left you. Every time I tried to open a door and wave at you, instead of seeing you I see another door - a deja vu. What is not known to you are my struggles finding the way through this labyrinth.


日记片段:“这一扇扇门就想我和你之间的距离,但距离是可以量化的,而门背后隐藏的内容是无法通过单位衡量的。我觉得他可能是时间,是我从12年离开你身旁之后逝去的时间,每次我打开一扇门想向你招手,而得到的却是另一扇门和似曾相识的场景,而你可能并不知道我在这迷宫里的挣扎前行。” 2017年11月3日