周岩,1984年生于北京,本科毕业于中央美术学院设计学院视觉传达专业,研究生就读于芝加哥艺术学院,获艺术硕士。2016-2017年,他曾分别担任美国艺术家Claudia Hart和Kurt Hentschläger的项目助手。他目前在北京工作生活。

周岩在创作中通常探讨由个体与群体的共生状况所衍生的问题。他此前的作品多使用类比、置换、模拟等方式演进特定场域对个体生存状态的影响,并选取当代艺术与亚文化发展过程中的具体案例作为参考线索。他主要使用的媒介包含影像装置、交互游戏、艺术家书等。他的个展包括:“竞技场NO QUARTER”(掩体空间,北京,2019);“太阳以西”(PPPP,北京,2019)。他参加的部分群展包括: “旧写真Old Images” (65th 第65届奥伯豪森电影节International Film Festival Oberhausen, 奥伯豪森, 2019); “游戏的终结”(鸿坤美术馆,北京,2018);  第14届希腊数字艺术节(The Athens Concert Hall, 雅典,2018)”时间的狂喜:重塑认知的媒介”(何香凝美术馆,深圳,2017); 第30届斯图加特冬季电影节多媒体单元(斯图加特, 2017); TYPEFORCE 8(芝加哥,2017) ; E.M.B.C.L(Flux Factory, 纽约, 2017); 艺术家书收藏于芝加哥Joan Flash Artist Book Collection。

Yan Zhou is an artist based in Chicago and Beijing. Working primarily in time-based art including video installation and computer animation. Zhou obtained his BFA at The Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, and MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His works have been exhibited at various international venues and programs, such as The Ecstasy of Time: Reframing the Medium of Knowing, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China; The Stuttgart Filmwinter Expanded Media, Stuttgart, Germany, 2017; E.M.B.C.L. at Flux Factory, New York, 2017. He also has four artist books collected by the Joan Flash Artist Book Collection, Chicago.

Zhou’s practice is often inspired by the circumstances under which individuals and populations coexist. Drawing upon episodes from the history of contemporary art and subcultures as references, his previous works frequently confront the entanglement between a specific site and an individual’s existential state. He is interested in using juxtaposition, displacement, and simulation as forms of exploration. The artistic mediums that he mainly engages with include video installation, interactive game, and artist books.