Yan Zhou is an artist based in Chicago and Beijing. Working primarily in time-based art including video installation and computer animation. Zhou obtained his BFA at The Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, and MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His works have been exhibited at various international venues and programs, such as The Ecstasy of Time: Reframing the Medium of Knowing, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China; The Stuttgart Filmwinter Expanded Media, Stuttgart, Germany, 2017; E.M.B.C.L. at Flux Factory, New York, 2017. He also has four artist books collected by the Joan Flash Artist Book Collection, Chicago.

Zhou’s work investigates the complicated relationship between human and media such as the television, the computer, and the internet. He is interested in the social and ethical impact of the omnipresence of technology and how technologies are projections of human’s own fear and desire. Borrowing innovative modes of art production from the format of science fiction, film, and video game, Zhou delves with topics such as memory, reality vs. imagination, game play, and surveillance. His current project involves a series of artworks built with a game engine and displayed via various forms from video installation to VR interactive.