Zhou Yan set up an intranet in The Bunker which has no signal from the outside world. He transformed the space into a form of internet café, and built a first person shooter game on this local network platform.

Each visitor to The Bunker can join in the game. Posted on the wall of each room, rules indicate the game’s objective, environment, procedure, and reward. The screen in the first room shows the position of each player in real time, while the computer at the end of the last passageway displays players’ ranking, and its account is General Yasuji Okamura’s, the infamous wartime occupant of The Bunker. No Quarter takes the history of Bunker Space as its research subject, while weaving elements of the process into the narrative of the game.

The claustrophobic interior of the art space is compounded by the closed nature of the computer network, creating a virtual echo chamber. This is a place where history, ideology, and personal attitudes can be discarded, examined, or dissected in the process of playing a game.





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